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Tired of Winter Already? Book Your Amalfi Coast Cruise Ship Excursion Today

We’re only in November, but most Canadians have already had to shovel their driveways at least once. There’s something sobering about waking up in the dead of winter to clean your car off before work. It’s that type of experience that makes you want to throw in the towel and fly somewhere warm. If that’s how you feel, book your very own Amalfi Coast cruise ship excursion with Via Amalfi!

Why Book an Amalfi Coast Cruise Ship Excursion?

The Amalfi Coast is an iconic area located on the western side of Italy, near Napoli. Picture cliff sides and mountainsides that are teeming with beautiful Italian villas, the warm air kissing your face, the fresh smell of the sea, and enough character and heritage to last you a lifetime. Even that description, as beautiful as it is, doesn’t do the Amalfi Coast justice.

Whether you want to take in all the shops at Positano, sip on a coffee near the port of Salerno, or want to visit the Isle of Capri, there is no shortage of things to do.

Positano | Amalfi Coast Cruise Ship Excursions

Positano is an iconic city that is perched on a steep rock face. You can spend an entire day exploring all of the shops, restaurants, churches, and character of this city. The Amalfi Cathedral is perfect for history buffs and those who love the architecture of 9th-century cathedrals. And if you’re feeling a little tired, you can pull up a chair on the beach and take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The city boasts several notable hotels that are located high up on the rock faces, providing a spectacular view of the region.

If you’ve ever talked to anyone that’s visited the Amalfi Coast, they’ll no doubt mention Positano. Our Amalfi Coast cruise ship excursions are the perfect way to visit Positano.

Try Authentic Napolitano Pizza

You’re really missing out if you haven’t tried Napolitano pizza. This flavorsome pizza uses rich ingredients and is brought to life by the passionate pizzerias located throughout Napoli.

Most of our pickups for boat tours, cruise ship excursions or tour guided site seeing take place in Napoli. We always recommend that our guests try out a slice of Napolitano pizza before getting on the cruise or start their tour or excursion.

Wow! What Scenery | Amalfi Coast Cruise Ship Excursions

There’s something relaxing about an Amalfi Coast cruise ship excursion. The Amalfi Coast has a lot of character and a rich history. You can only truly appreciate it when you experience it by boat. Cruising up the coast, you’ll see several Italian villas, small villages, and natural cliffs and hills.
We assure you, it’s an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Museum of Paper | Amalfi Coast

The Museum of Paper is located in Amalfi, and is a great place to visit if you are into history. You can learn about the history of paper, while taking in the charm of Amalfi itself.

The Via Amalfi Difference

Get ready for a journey of a lifetime! Experience the Amalfi Coast in style. Via Amalfi is the culmination of over 15 years of dedicated care and understanding of what people truly love about this wonderful piece of the world. Our knowledgeable and passionate team provides unrivalled tours of the Amalfi coast region.

Our Amalfi Coast cruise ship excursions are designed to let you truly experience the beauty of this region. We offer so much more than just boat tours too. When you book an Amalfi Coast cruise ship excursion with Via Amalfi, you receive access to our tours led by English-speaking tour guides.

We design our trips to let you experience everything the Amalfi Coast has to offer. Each stop has a little something for everyone. Whether you love to shop, relax, or experience the rich culture and history of Italy, Via Amalfi will make your visit to the Amalfi Coast unforgettable.

Let us help you build the perfect memory of this wonderful piece of the world.

Via Amalfi – Amalfi Coast Cruise Ship Excursions | From Vancouver to Toronto

Via Amalfi offers Amalfi Coast cruise ship excursions for Canadians all across the country. Don’t let the winter weather get you down. Your trip to the Amalfi Coast is only one click away. That’s right, a rich glass of wine, a cup of espresso, or mouth-watering Napolitano pizza can all be yours.

Contact Via Amalfi today today if you’re ready to push the pause button on winter.

  • We cater to clients in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and all other major Canadian cities.
  • Our English-speaking tour guides are there to help you fully experience everything the Amalfi Coast has to offer.
  • These trips are a great way to relax and unwind during the cold winter months.