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Oh Italy, what an interesting culture you have!

“Oh Italy, what a beautiful country! I can’t wait to get there and see all those amazing sightseeing, practice my Italian and finally taste some of my favorite Italian dishes like Spaghetti meatballs, chicken parmigiana, pasta with Alfredo sauce and the real pepperoni pizza” …

That’s probably what we think the moment we hit that computer key that will book our flight and will plan our vacation, with scheduled tours to get the best out of our trip! Oh well, forget about all that because once you will reach your destination you will find out that what you thought was Italian only exists in USA!

Here’s our tips if you decide to book with us to experience the Italian holiday of your dreams:

Italians will greet you with a smile, might invite you for the most delicious coffee at a bar, at any time of the day, it doesn’t have to be morning time, it’s always time for a coffee break.

Now let’s get to the most important part… ordering at the restaurant. The first thing you will notice by reading the menu is that those sought after dishes you were expecting are missing on the list… why? Because in Italy they don’t exist, that’s why! 

Chicken parmigiana will only sound like a myth when you will try the real one made with fresh tomato sauce, EVOO, eggplants and the best mozzarella you ever had! You will start thinking that all you knew about Italian was wrong and you will probably laugh when you will find out that the only spaghetti meat balls Italians know about are the ones they saw in the classic Disney movie “Lady and the tramp”.

Oh, and make sure you don’t ask the waiter for that Alfredo sauce you couldn’t wait to try while in Italy, the answer might be: “Who’s Alfredo”?

Then you will try for the pizza, you will think: “This is hardcore Italian, I can’t go wrong if I order a Pepperoni pizza”! And you will feel silly when they will serve you a delicious, mouth melting pizza with the most delicious melting mozzarella and… BELL PEPPERS! You will think WHY? Where’s the meat, where’s the salami? Guess what, because that’s what pepperoni means in Italian.

So, what can you do once you found out that all the things you thought you knew about Italian food were just Americanized versions? All you can do is start all over again, sit back, relax and find out that the reasons why Italian cuisine is known worldwide it’s just because of the simplicity of its preparations and the freshness of its ingredients. Learn the relaxed Italian life style, have an aperitivo watching the most amazing sunsets, drink the most amazing wines with your delicious real Italian lunch or dinner. You will return with some of the best memories and stories to tell your friends back home.