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Learn a new language using Duolingo

Planning a trip to Italy, use Duolingo in helping you learn the Italian language.

What is Duolingo?

You Won’t Regret using Duolingo to Help You on a Via Amalfi Tour
Interested in learning a new language or brushing up on some skills? Duolingo can help. Duolingo is a learning program for languages. You can learn anything from Italian to Spanish. It’s perfect for preparing for a trip or tour with Via Amalfi!
Duolingo is completely free, and is a super helpful aid in learning a new language. There are different sections, like travel, cities, asking for directions etc. You can listen to podcasts, read stories, and challenge yourself with timed quizzes.
It’s available as an app or a website. Learning Italian on Duolingo makes tours with Via Amalfi even more interesting and exciting. It can help you navigate in Italy on your own, chat with the locals, or for your own enjoyment. With Italian on Duolingo you can learn everything from basics to politics to grammar.
Duolingo is super easy to use, just choose your first language and choose as many language courses as you want. There’s no obligation or set time frame, it’s completely up to your discretion. Using it every day maximizes your understanding of the language. It’s super fun as well!