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Italian Lesson Two Everyday Talk – Addressing people

Italians are quite formal when addressing each other. When greeting someone in the street or shop you can simply say buon giorno, signora (for a woman) and buon giorno, signore (for a man). If you are not sure how formal to be, a good alternative for hello is salve which you can use with anyone. Among young people and friends, you will hear ciao.

1.How are you?
   come sta?
   ko-may sta
2. hi, Nancy
   ciao Nancy
   chow mee-ke-lay
3. fine thanks
    bene grazie
    be-nay grats-yay
4. hello
    buon giorno
    bwon jor-no
5. bye, Bruna
    ciao Bruna
    chow loo-ee-za
6. and you?
    e lei?
    e lay
7. piacere
    nice to meet you