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How to Get from Rome to Sorrento

All Roads Lead to Rome!

Rome is the city of romance, fine dining, and absolute beauty. From the magnificent Colosseum, to fingerlicking pasta, and the famous Trevi fountain, you can’t get enough of this city. 

As you walk down the cobblestone roads and alleyways, you will come across traces from the age of the Roman Empire mingled with lively restaurants, and experience a mix of the past and the present. 

Sorrento holds its own charm. It is a small town located on the cliffs overlooking Mount Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri, and is famous for its lemons and oranges! Here you can enjoy a relaxing air on the beach with breathtaking scenery, stroll down old streets, and try the city’s famous limoncello liqueur.

What’s Along the Way?

Frascati village

Situated very close to the city of Rome, Frascati fills up with tourists and Romans seeking fresh air, delicious regional food, and rich local white wine. The most impressive sight in the village is Villa Aldobrandini that hovers above the central piazza. Its surrounding gardens are open to the public, where you can visit the ancient sculptures and architecture.


Located in the Lazio region, Pastena offers a mysterious and fascinating ancient medieval atmosphere that can be enjoyed while walking along the narrow streets. You will come across squares all over the city that are embellished by ancient gateways. You can also visit Pastena Caves, its most famous attraction, which was discovered in 1926. 

Mount Vesuvius 

Famous for its catastrophic eruption in AD79 that buried the cities of Pompeii and Ercolano, Mount Vesuvius still offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The eruption left extreme damage, but immaculate artifacts today. You can take a trip up the stratovolcano and absorb the natural scenery and history of the area.


The partially buried town of Pompeii offers an abundance of history and marvelous scenery. Buried under meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the sight will provide you with a unique and fascinating experience. You can explore on your own or hire a certified guide who will provide you with ample historical information, and show you all the highlights of the ruin. 

Royal Palace Caserta

This luxurious palace is not only a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, but has often been compared to the Palace of Versailles. The building is surrounded by landscaped gardens, beautiful fountains, and scenic parks. It comes with splendid interiors based on Baroque style — embellished columns, opulent statues, and masterful furnishings. You can book a day to explore the grand palace and learn about the history and culture of Southern Italy.

How to get from Rome to Sorrento

The most cost-effective route (bus)
The cheapest route to travel from Rome to Sorrento is to take the bus. The tickets are generally €19 and depart from Tiburtina bus station. The journey takes approximately 4 hours and your arrival destination will be Corso Italia bus station. 

The fastest route (train)
The fastest route to travel from Rome to Sorrento is by train. The trains either depart from Roma Termini or Tiburtina train station. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and usually have a transfer in Naples or Salerno.

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3. Sorrento from Rome with an hour stop in Frascati Village, or reverse.
4. Sorrento from Rome with an hour stop in Royal Palace Caserta, or reverse.
5. Sorrento from Rome with a 120-minute stop in Pompeii, or reverse.
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