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3 Reasons Why an Amalfi Coast Wellness Should Be Your Next Vacation

We live stressful lives here in North America. We work long hours, don’t always have enough time off, and we don’t always treat ourselves to the rest and relaxation we so badly need. And when we do get some time to ourselves, it can be hard to choose with so many options available.

Let me ask you this.

Do you love yoga? How about wine? The spa? All of these things are great, right? So, why not combine all of them into an unforgettable experience with an Amalfi Coast wellness tour? Via Amalfi has created several health and wellness packages that are designed to help you get all the rest and relaxation you need on your vacation to Italy.

You deserve to feel good, to have fun, and to see all the sights the beautiful Amalfi Coast has to offer. Here are five reasons why you should book one of our Amalfi Coast wellness tours.

1. Yoga + Wine – Need We Say More?

Yoga and wine are two wonderful things. That’s why we decided to combine them in our Amalfi Coast wellness tour packages. We offer yoga and wine tasting tours all throughout the Amalfi Coast, including locations like a vineyard at the base of Mt. Vesuvius, the city of Avellino, and more.

We make it easy for you to meditate, stretch, and relax with our yoga sessions, and tie it all together with a rich glass of Italian wine. What’s not to love about this combo?

2. Roman Spa Packagess

Who doesn’t want to feel like a god or goddess? The ancient Romans loved their spas and baths. And while the Roman Empire may be no more, we haven’t forgotten those traditions. Health and wellness are still alive today and something that we focus on here at Via Amalfi.

Treat yourself to one of our Amalfi Coast wellness tour spa packages if you want to be pampered, feel amazing, and leave Italy feeling more refreshed than ever.

3. Amalfi Coast Trekking Tours | Stunning Scenery

Everyone approaches wellness differently. While some prefer yoga or relaxing at the spa, others prefer physical activities to release stress.

Maybe your idea of wellness is a day hike or trek through the Amalfi Coast hills and cliff sides. The Amalfi Coast has some amazing hiking trails for travelers looking for something a little more rigorous. We offer guided day hikes through the Path of the Gods, Montepertuso, and Valle Delle Ferriere. We can also provide you with detailed recommendations of other hiking trails and excursions that will help you work off all that pent-up stress.

Via Amalfi – Amalfi Coast Wellness Tours for Canadians

There are many reasons to book an Amalfi Coast wellness tour. Via Amalfi has handpicked some of the best health and wellness tours in the Amalfi Coast region. We’ve spent years developing the best tours because we take your health and wellness very seriously. When you book a vacation, you expect to relax on your terms. That’s exactly what we provide you, and more.

Book your very own Amalfi Coast wellness tour today if you are ready to experience true rest and relaxation in the Amalfi Coast region.

  • Try one of our many health and wellness tours which include spas, trekking, yoga, wine tasting, and so much more.
  • All of our tours are led by an English-speaking tour guide, and include pickup and drop off services.
  • Combine our health and wellness packages with our sightseeing and city tours.