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Private Tour Trekking “Valle Delle Ferriere”+ Round Trip Transfer

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Trekking “Valle Delle Ferriere”+ Round Trip Transfer

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Trekking `` Valle delle Ferriere ''
The Valle delle Ferriere is a place unique to this world. It can be easily reached on foot from Amalfi in about an hour. It is nice and cool even in the height of summer thanks to the waterfalls and streams running its length. The most interesting part is without doubt the Nature Reserve, to be found at its center.

Due to its geographical position, this area has benefited from the specific physical and biological characteristics of its environment. Thanks to the high rocky ridges either side of the valley, it is protected from the cold north winds and mainly south facing, thus creating a good ecological terrain with a high degree of humidity and a very moderate range of temperatures.

In this extraordinary environment, colonies of plants of great interest have been able to survive from time immemorial. Some species date back to the Tertiary such as thermophiles and in particular the giant fern Woodwardia radicans, identified for the first time in 1710 by the botanist Pier Antonio Micheli. Here too can be seen spotted salamanders from the Caudata order of the Salamandridae family, or ferns such as Pteris cretica and Pteris vittata, or the carnivorous plant Pinguicola hrtiflora.
This entire ecosystem represents something unique of invaluable scientific and naturalistic value.

Starting point from Ravello "Scala Square"
You will meet your trekking guide at 9am. At this point you will be provided the poles. Things you should know before commencing the walk:

Departure point: Ravello "Scala Square
Arrival point: Amalfi
Duration: 3 - 5hrs
Kilometers: 6
Difficulty: easy
Itinerary consists of the following:

-Valle delle Ferrriere
-Valle de Mulini

Valle delle Ferriere
The through a wood of tall chestnut trees and rare, long leaved ferns. The ruins of the medieval foundries, which gave the valley its name, can still be seen. The valley is also known as the Vallone dei Mulini and, the final stage of the walk, takes visitors past a number of waters powered mills which once the produced Amalfi's famous paper.

Valley of the Mills
The seaside town of Amalfi is set at the base of a river valley called the Valle dei Mulini, or Valley of the Mills, which was once part of the town's thriving industry and prestigious paper production in the Middle Ages. This hike provides a glimpse into Amalfi's fascinating history, while taking you in into the lush mountains above the town. Surrounded by beautiful Rocky Mountains and absolute silence. Hearing the gravel crunching under your feet and the occasional call of a bird echoing through the valley, you will feel the quiet beauty of Amalfi's mountainous side. You will hear water as you reach the Canneto river stream that once powered the busy paper mills and hydro power station for Amalfi. On a warm summer day, it's the perfect spot to stop for a picnic or a refreshing dip in the ice-cold water. As you follow the stream toward the top of the valley, the landscape changes to an almost tropical feel, surrounded by lush greenery and waterfalls cascading down the moss-covered rocks. At a certain point you'll find the valley closed to protect a rare prehistoric variety of fern called Woodwardia Radicans. You will pass the ruins of many paper mills. Some of the ruins along the way date back to the 12 and 13 centuries when the Valle dei Mulini became an important and successful paper making center for the Republic of Amalfi. Many of these mills were still active until the 1700s and 1800s, but over time the industry became difficult to sustain due to the challenges of the location and limitations of the ancient mills. Now they provide an evocative look into a very different side of Amalfi's history that many visitors are not aware of today.

Picnic lunch organized by your guide. Suggestions will be made first thing in the morning in how you would like to have your lunch.

As you head back toward Amalfi, you will spot many paper mills stretching across the Canneto stream, and it's tempting to stop in the silence of the valley and wonder what it would have sounded like centuries ago to hear the mills hard at work producing Amalfi's famous hand made paper. As you follow the curving mountain path back toward Amalfi, you will spot in the distance the Torre dello Ziro, a medieval watchtower high above Amalfi. As the pathway follows the valley toward Amalfi, you will find yourself walking amid terraces of lemon groves, and before long the sounds of Amalfi fill the air. Once back to the center of Amalfi, you can stroll through the narrow and winding medieval streets. When you reach the beach, turn around and look up at the mountains high above Amalfi with knew eyes,

End of the tour / Amalfi
Amalfi where you will meet once again your driver. You will be brought back to your pickup location. Return time is between 4-5pm.

Important Note
Anyone who suffers from vertigo, heart condition, asthma may find this walk challenging. Please let the guide with any medical conditions.

Pick up time: 8:00 am or as for confirmation
Return time: 4 pm-5pm or as for confirmation
One of our professional, knowledgeable English speaking driver guides will be waiting at pick up location (where you will be tendered) or location agreed at 8 am, or according to the agreed time. Your driver will be holding a sign with your or your party's name on it.

Ports (Pick up is normally 8am or otherwise agreed upon)
Our escort driver will be waiting at the gangway of your cruise ship or outside the cruise ship terminal. The escort driver will be holding up a sign with the group's name on it. The email that accompanies the voucher you receive at the time of booking will indicate the meeting point for each specific port. We recommend that you meet onboard before exiting the ship. This way you are all together when meeting your escort driver and the tour can commence much more efficiently. Otherwise, the wait time for others will be 20minutes, after which time the tour will proceed.
Naples Train station
The escort driver will be waiting at the end of the train platform where your train will be arriving at. The escort driver will be holding a sign with the name in which the reservation was reserved. Due to COVID changing status they maybe at times waiting at platform 24 where the exit is located near Chalet Ciro.

The escort driver will be waiting at the arrival lobby holding a sign with the name in which the reservation was made under or otherwise stated.
Escort driver will be waiting at the lobby of the hotel. Normally pick up is 8:30 am or otherwise stated.
Resident / B & B
The escort driver will be waiting outside the main doors of the building.

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  • Valle Delle Ferriere
  • Amalfi

Valle Delle Ferriere

Valle Delle Ferriere, Via Valle delle Ferriere, Ravello, SA, Italia


Amalfi, SA, Italia

What's Included

  • Luxury, private air-conditioned vehicle(transfer)
  • English-speaking driver (Beginner-Intermediate)
  • Parking, highway tolls, fuel, all taxes and driver maintenance included.
  • Polls are supplied
  • Trekking guide for 3-5hrs

Not Included

  • Gratuities range between 10-20 percent|(optional but appreciated)
  • Lunch/food/beverages
  • Each person will need the following items to make the excursion safe and enjoyable: closed shoes suitable for walking(i.e. sneakers or trainers, hiking boots), comfortable clothing for the walk, water, sunhat and sunscreen

Additional Information

  • For groups of more than 8 people from Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno we can either provide a Mercedes Sprinter minibus or multiple luxury minivans.