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Southern Exposures 10 day group tour
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1: Naples
Welcome to Italy. Our private driver will be waiting for you at the airport to start you on your Italian Southern Exposures tour. While we may need to wait for the rest of the group our driver will take you to our group's centrally located apartment in the heart of old Naples. Here your accommodations will include a full kitchen and bathroom, washing machine, air condition and most importantly, Wi-Fi. 
With our six guests staying here as well as your tour's in-house concierge and guide, we are looking forward to you becoming part of our Italian family. 
Let's begin!Once unpacked and freshened up, our guide will take you along the famous via Toledo, via Chiaia and via Roma to the beautiful neighborhood of Mergellina (the Naples waterfront) located in the neighborhood of Chiaia. Dotted with great shops, perfect people watching, and a true snapshot of the Napolitano lifestyle, this is the perfect location to give us a sense of all southern Italy has to offer. Just a few steps from the waterfront, we would love to take you to a location Naples is famous for, pizza! 
Meandering the quint streets of the old town, we suggest lunch at Pizzeria Brandi. Said to be where pizza was invented, it is famous for inventing the Margarita Pizza and being the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the world. You must try the bruschetta. Wait time here varies, but it is worth it. 
As the sun descends, we will stand at the foot of the Posillipo Hill our first of many great views of Mount Vesuvius and the Castel dell'Ovo. Have you had your first gelato yet? Let's head through Piazza del Plebiscito for a scoop or two before heading to our apartment.

2: Positano and Amalfi
This morning you are going to see why all your friends were jealous of this tour, and for those not, they will be when they see your pictures. Don't forget your camera and swimsuit because today we are going to the Amalfi! Our private car will be waiting to take us to the colorfully painted town of Positano, a small commune of the Amalfi Coast.Tucked within the hills, this small town is home to world famous chefs, artists, and beaches. Enjoy your stroll through the winding and narrow streets that hug the mountainside, go for a crystal blue waters swim, and visit a café for a glass of lemon sorbet while you live your best life. Need that photo? We have you covered as we know these streets like the back of our hand. 
As we head to and the through the Amalfi Coast will have some magical stops along the way where you will see some of the hidden gems the Amalfi has to offer. To find out about more ... you will have to wait and see - words cannot describe how beautiful and magical it is. 
At the Amalfi Port, we will meet our skipper where you will be sharing a 50 - 60-minute boat ride exploring the Amalfi coast by water. Mountain cliffs, grottos, and stories about sirens, sit back, and relax and once the boat tour is done, don't worry, we are not. Hop aboard our shuttle boat to visit a true diamond in the rough beach and restaurant. Haven't swam in the Med yet? Where better than a private beach. Take a soak, a swim, or a snorkel, or just have lunch and admire the view from the quaint restaurant (lunch not included). As we finish up, we will make our way back to Amalfi town to explore Maybe after lunch you can go for a swim if you wish or head back to the Amalfi Port and explore the town of Amalfi town. Larger than most of the surrounding towns because of its cathedral, Piazza del Duomo is where we begin. Grab a gelato and let's go!

3:  Free Day
Suggestion # 1: Organic cooking class in private mountain villa 
Today is a day for you. While our in-house concierge will offer suggestions, directions, and make bookings, we want you to see all Naples and the Amalfi Coast has to offer. 
For those interested or have pre-booked, we recommend an authentic, quintessential cooking class (lunch included) in a private mountain base villa with friends that feel like family. Feast on food our Nona makes! This cooking experience at the vineyard begins with Capafresca Spumante rosé as a welcoming aperitif. Ester, a member of the family will escort you through the family's organic vineyard, vegetable garden (seasonal vegetables used for the cooking class) wine cellar and storage cellar. Their Gulf of Naples menu includes Capri style ravioli (served fried and in Piennolo tomato sauce) Neapolitan eggplant parmigiana and their very own Almond cake made with Sorrento lemons. Participants will have the opportunity to make their own dough, fill and shape the ravioli, assemble the eggplant parmigiana and make the cake from scratch. Haven't had a glass our Italian vino yet? We have you covered. Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOP Superior white 2017, Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOP rosé 2018, Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOP Superior red 2017 and Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOP Riserva 2014, will be served during the cooking class and meal, and passito will be served with dessert. The entire experience will last roughly four hours and guests are welcome to stay around and enjoy their own private time in our peaceful vineyard. 

Suggestion # 2: Tour Vomero, Naples 
Get directions to the funicular from our in-house concierge and you are good to explore. On a hilltop of Naples, upscale and leafy Vomero is dotted with gelaterias, alfresco cafes and refined Italian restaurants. Look both ways along our walk as chain and department stores cluster around Piazza Vanvitelli. Need a good spot for that selfie? The Certosa e Museo di San Martino has frescoes, paintings and sculpture in a former monastery with a baroque church, while the star-shaped Castel Sant'Elmo fortress has expansive views over the city and Gulf of Naples. 
Take a deep breath because the first things you will notice when traveling this part of Naples is the view that will take your breath away. Look around.The expansive sights of Naples, the Bay of Naples, and the historic Mount Vesuvius just off in the distance are all captured in intense detail from Vomero. Whether during a clear day or as the sun sets, the views found here of historic and new buildings will leave anyone in awe. Ready to shop beyond souvenirs? Vomero has plenty of European and classy Italian styles to intrigue any fashionista. Explore the number of shops found among the hilly streets of this neighborhood. Check out the London store, or head over and explore one of the many vintage clothing stores. The variety of clothing to be discovered among the alleys and streets is limitless, 
Obviously, every region in Italy offers a unique spin on that traditional Italian dish that has entranced people for so long and Vomero is no exception. The area offers any number of family-owned, friendly pizzerias to satisfy not just the hunger for excellent and authentic Napolitano pizza, but also a desire to get a true taste of the neighborhood and area. While on your own, maybe head over to Pizzeria Vomero and settle in for some hot and fresh pizza that's truly top-notch. Make sure that before you leave to speak with us for recommendations on where to eat as Vomero's vibrant and bustling markets are the stop of choice for many residents want to grab and go. 
Following lunch, may we suggest that you make your way to Villa Floridiana and the Castle of St. Elmo to try and capture the perfect photo? Ferdinand IV's wedding gift to the duchess of Florida, Villa Floridiana is a beautiful open public park. After Ferdinand's purchase of the mansion, the gardens were planted in their current manner and offer a wonderful environment for walking and enjoying the outdoors. The actual villa, built in the early 1800s in a neoclassical style, is used now by the Martina National Museum of Ceramics, and houses a variety of porcelain and majolica works. A medieval fortress with an extensive political history dating all the way back to 1275, the Castle of St. Elmo has gone through years of change, including years of destruction, reconstruction and the addition of new parts. The foundation of the castle is built on volcanic rock, and for years was used as a symbol of political oppression, a prison. However, now the multi-purpose, structurally sound castle stands as a landmark attraction and is worth a visit. 
Looking for something else but don't want to venture on your own, check us out on for all the tours we offer.

4: Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii
Get your waking shoes on because we are going to experience the beauty and the beast of Mother Nature. Our private car will pick you up from our apartment and drive us to Mt. Vesuvius. With one of the most breath-taking views of Naples, our journey by car and foot will take us over 1000m above the surrounding villages to a crater among the clouds. With tickets in hand, we will start our adventure climbing to the top the ominous Mt Vesuvius. You will have roughly an hour and a half to explore this magnificent volcano. 
Tired yet? Is it time for a gelato? Once our group is back, we will make our way to the once bustling, now silently somber city of Pompeii where we will take roughly two hours to explore this ancient ruin. As a group or on your own explore this ruin which was buried under meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79A. Filled with an abundance of history, this partially buried town offers marvelous scenery that one must personally see to believe. Make sure to visit the House of the Faun, the Temple of Apollo, the Amphitheater, and ... Lupanar of Pompeii, the most famous brothel in the Roman city, still decorated with the original erotic paintings on the walls. 
With Pompeii now rediscovered, our group will reconvene, and recommendations will be made for lunch in the area. Check out the vender's village while you grab some food and take in the city buried alive. 
As we head back to Naples it is suggest that those interested in learning more about this amazing history, to visit The National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Its archeological collection includes works from Greek, Roman and Renaissance times, especially Roman artifacts from nearby Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum. For those who have yet to shop or need a little strolling around, the rest of the day will be spent in Naples. Suggested activities, locations, and sites will be made.

5: Free Day
Suggested Activity: Trekking the Paths of God (picnic lunch included) 
Can you believe it? You swam in the Med, shopped, and dined in the Amalfi, and climbed a volcano. For some of you, you learned from Nona how to cook? Some of us need to rest. Take the day, tell us what you want to do, and we can help you make it happen. 
For those choosing the suggested tour, we will meet our trekking guide at 9:00 am to tackle the Paths of God. Grab a pole, set your pedometer, and grab your trekking pole. Let's go because this tour is 3-5 hours long one way that puts every cardio class to shame. It was named the Path of the Gods not without reasons. It offers a fabulous view on coastal and mountain landscapes from Positano to Capri. 
Walking about 500m above the sea level between rocky passages, Mediterranean vegetation, oak forests, and terraces made on steep slopes. The first site you will visit along this nature trail, coming from Bomerano, is the Grotta del Biscotto (cave of the biscuit) (at 524 meters above sea level), named after its geologic conformation, like the shape of a biscuit bread (typical product of Agerola). As well the craggy surface of the rock resembles the local specialty biscuit. Biscotto is a hard-small bread that is baked twice, so that it dries out and lasts for an entire year. Then it is soaked in water and eaten, usually in a soup or part of a salad. Hungry yet? 
Next, we venture to the pass of Colle Serra, situated at 578 meters above sea level, to the "pinnacle". This is where a memorial tablet has been placed to remember Giustino Fortunato, who gave the name to this trail. The surroundings are a continuous blooming of the Mediterranean bush, a mixture of chestnut trees, holm oaks, alders, and arbutus trees. With some luck it is possible to catch sight of one of the peregrine hawks that live here. Here we will enjoy a picnic lunch organized by your guide. 
The last stretch is a path rich of uphill’s and downhills that end up in the district of Nocelle (420 meters above sea level), a small rural village. At Nocelle is where you will meet once again your driver and we will meet you in the apartment around 5pm. 
Looking for something else but don't want to venture on your own, check us out on for all the tours we offer.

6: Phlegraen fields and Solfatara Volcano
Good morning. Today our drive will take us to The Phlegraen Fields, also known as Campi Flegrei (From Greek, meaning happy land). This large 13 kilometers (8.1 mi) wide caldera is situated to the west of Naples (9km west of Naples). It is a low-lying volcano surrounded by populated areas in the town of Pozzuoli where over a million death defining residents built their houses right to the crater rim. Campi Flegrei is a restless caldera, partially erupting between 1969-1972 and 1982-1984. On our guided tour you will hear stories of Roman Gods and goblins; witches and war, love found, and even love lost. 
Wipe the tears away, take your selfie because we are moving on to the shallow volcanic crater of Solfatra, or what I call belly of the underworld because of its hollow echo that could still be heard below your feet. This dormant volcano, which still emits jets of steam with sulfurous fumes gets its name from the Latin, Sulpha terra, “land of sulfur”, or “sulfur earth”. Formed around 4000 years ago, erupting last in 1198 AD, take a stroll past one of the many fumaroles (smoke-opening in the crust which still emits an orange steam and gas) and mud pools. 
Time for lunch. As a group we will decide on whether to eat at the volcano or make our way back to Naples, but… we are all ears, we are here for you. Once back in Naples we recommend spending some time strolling Spaccanapoli for Napolitano Street eats and Christmas market shopping, Via Toledo for clothing shopping, tour the Chiaia District, or head to the Naples Royal Palace, the underground Naples Saint Gennaro Church, or the Capodimonte museum and park.

7: Sorrento
It seems all we do is eat, right? Well, when in Italian… today I hope you brought your appetite because this is call “The Gastronomic”. Our tour consists of a day in Sorrento with visits to the limoncello factory, demonstration, tasting and lemon grove, an olive oil mill for tasting, and of course a vineyard. 
With the rest of the day spent in the town of Sorrento, take some time to visit the Piazza Torquato Tasso, the marina, and the winding stone streets of the city. Were you able to see Deep Valley of the Mills from the bridge? This ancient sawmill is tucked inside a lush valley at the base of two rivers. 
As we head back to Naples, we will make our way up to Montepertuso for a late lunch at La Tagliata (included). Aside from it being one of the greatest meals you will ever have in your life (we know that that is a big statement), the views are to die for. Nestled more than a thousand feet above Positano and the Mediterranean, great food with a view is what they strive for. Picky eater? Sorry, they have no menu rather, you make one decision, red or white wine and the food follows. Can't decide? Seven days in, we are all friends, share, eat, drink, and be merry! 
Room for more gelato? Let's head back to Naples where we can grab a scoop or two, a coffee or a treat at the Gran Caffe Gambrinus. It's out little secret though it has been in Naples since the mid nineteenth century.

8: Free Day
Suggested Activity: Visit the thermal baths in the heart of the Campi Flegrei 
As our last free day (no organized tours today), tell us what you want to do, and we can make it happen. Want to head back to Sorrento or Amalfi? Want to visit Ravello? Want to sight see, we will help you book everything you need today. 
For those looking for the Roman Bath experience, we have something in store for you. A day of rest and relaxation - Roman style. This large spa park nestled in the heart of the Campi Flegrei, a few steps from Naples offers swimming pools and a wellness center Since the 2 nd century AD this place has focused on the well-being of the body and the mind thanks to the therapeutic properties of the baths - characteristic to this volcanic region. With the thermal baths located on a crater, slowly enter, and soak away your stresses in the natural spring. No heating required here - its all volcanic! We recommend no more than 2 to 3 hours not including some time in the sauna and the swimming pool. Looking for lunch while relaxing? The onsite bar offers a great and inexpensive lunch. With towels and robes rented, and mandatory bathing caps bought, 
Looking for something else but don't want to venture on your own, check us out on for all the tours we offer.

9: Capri
Capri! What else needs to be said? Today we will walk to the pier where we will take a Hydrofoil ride to magical island of Capri. With great views of the great views of the coast and great pictures to be had, welcome to the jewel of the Med. 
Our guide will take you on a short walking tour of lower town Capri and then send you on your way to visit the Capri's main square and town. We recommend a stop here for lunch where our guide can make suggestions on what and where. 
Capri has much to offer, such as small shops / boutiques featuring local products such as lemon, olive oil and the renowned limoncello. After lunch we will make our way up to Anacapri, little Capri, or Capri on the hill for more great shopping, breathtaking views, and did we mention gelato? Buy hand stitched sandals, artisan-made perfume, and a bottle of limoncello, or our favorite a rich chocolate and almond Torta Caprese, the ultimate in mouth-watering mementoes - you may have to share on the boat ride back. Before heading back down to Capri, visit Mount Solaro via the chairlift for the most beautiful panoramic picture of the trip. Chair lift tickets could be bought at the base and is not to be missed. 
For those wanting to explore on their own, don't miss the Blue Grotto or the Blue Grotto but line-ups could cost you time. As our time in Naples and the Amalfi comes to an end we will hope back on the hydrofoil to the port of Naples. 
As we head back to our apartment to freshen up, we look forward to you joining us for our final night home-cooked, authentic, Napolitano, “family style” group dinner. This meal, like Nona use to make will be filled with all the authentic fixing you might find on a Napolitano dinner table. Be loud, be merry, and eat… eat!

10: Last Day of Tour - Home
It has been a blast but here we say goodbye. With today marking the end out our tour we want you to leave without stresses. With easy check-out, our airport transfer will help you load luggage and take you to the airport. We hope you had fun with us, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. 

One-time Naples airport pick-up and drop-off
English and Italian speaking guide
Groups tours include a maximum occupancy of 6 people.

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  • 10-day accommodations, double occupancy rooms, single beds. Our city apartment is in the historic centre of Naples and is equipped with a full kitchen, full bathroom, washing machine, Wi-Fi, and in-house concierge
  • All transportation on tour days (private Mercedes cars/mini-bus, boats, etc.) – free day travel not included – available upon request
  • 24-hour in-house tour logistic director
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  • Final night, home-cooked, authentic, Napolitano, “family style” group dinner
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  • One-time Naples airport pick-up and drop-off
  • English and Italian speaking guide
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