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Jewish Experience Tour In Naples
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Jewish History Tour in Naples Duration: 4/5 hours

Did you know that in 1473, the first Jewish press was established in Naples? In 1492, many Jews who were expelled from Spain emigrated to Naples, King Ferdinand protected them. In 1495, the French conquered the kingdom and persecuted its Jews. In 1510, Spain won control of the city and expelled the Jews, but those who paid a large sum of money were permitted to stay. In 1535, the price was raised forcing many Jews to leave and by 1541 all Jews of Naples had left.

In 1735, Jews were permitted to return to Naples. In 1831, a small group of Jews settled in the Maltese Cross Hotel where one of the rooms served as a synagogue. In 1841, the Rothschild family, which had set up an office in Naples, acquired the Villa Pignatella which is believed that it served as the Jewish center. In 1864, the community rented space in Via Cappella Vecchia, which became the community center. In 1863, the Rothschild Naples office closed and in 1867 the Villa Pignatelli was sold.

Naples's Jewish community in the 1920s consisted roughly of 1,000 members. Between 1942 and 1943, 50 Jews of Naples were saved from German deportation by being hidden by villagers in Caserta (the capital of the province of Caserta in the Campania region of Italy). It is an important agricultural, commercial, and industrial community and city. Thousands of Jews were taken to extermination camps from Naples and others were killed elsewhere. After World War II, the Jewish community of Naples was made up of only a handful that had survived. Today, the city's Jewish population numbers about 200.

The synagogue in Naples is located on Via Cappella Vecchia, located in the Palazzo Sessa. The synagogue was inaugurated in 1864 by the influence of Baron Rothschild. In the entrance there are two marble statues; one which remembers the community president Dario Ascarelli who bought the premises for the synagogue in 1910 and the other which commemorates the deportation of Neapolitan Jews during the second world war.

During this tour you will be led by a local Jewish authorized guide (by the Jewish Community of Naples), Naples Jewish Tour consists of a walking tour in the city center starting from the present Synagogue dated 1864 and ending in the ex-Jewish quarter (Giudecca) where Jews used to live from the Roman times till year 1541. There we shall see (from the outside) two ancient medieval synagogues that survived the destruction of the medieval quarters of Naples (because, in the XVI century, they were changed into churches), and a few slums where Jews used to live.  

The former Jewish quarter and the present Synagogue are in two different areas of Naples; therefore, the tour takes about two hours moving by private Mercedes sedan or minivan.

The combination with the Bourbon Tunnel (located close to the Synagogue) a fallout shelter during the Second World War, provides you the opportunity to continue the story of the Jewish community during the Second World War.

While touring, the history of the Naples Jewish community will be widely explained. Notes: be sure that Synagogue visits are open on August.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum are open on Wednesday and Friday from 10 am 3 pm

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